Welcome to Arima Onsen.
Feel the Spirit of hospitality
and the Japanese sense of beauty.

Onsen - Hot Springs

Arima Onsen is known as one of
Japan's three famous Hot Springs
and is Representative of Japan's
Hot Springs with its reputation.
Our facilities, in addition to 2 large public
baths with different tenors,
we have 5 private reservation baths.

Onsen and Stay


We of course have "Kobe Beef",
the highest quality beef that
continues to enchant people
and we take advantage of
the local nature with abundant foods
from the sea and mountains
to prepare carefully
selected foods of the season.


Aqua Terrace & Spa

Japan's largest aqua relaxation.
A luxury healing area for adults where
you can relax in a bathing suit.

Aqua Terrace & Spa


Heal, taste, enjoy, a rich facility
where you can enjoy Arima to
the fullest while in the premises.



Access Guide for transportation to
Arima Grand Hotel.
Easy to access from Kyoto, Osaka or Kobe.

Arima Onsen is accessible by
a variety of forms of public transport.
Please use a shuttle bus
from the Arima Onsen station. If you can call,
we will pick you up.


Access Overview

By Train

Access by Train

By Bus

Access by Bus

By Car

Sannomiya, Shin-Kobe

about 20km - about 25 min.

Kobe Airport

about 30km - about 40 min.


about 38km - about 40 min.


about 65km - about 60 min.

Kansai International Airport

about 80km - about 90 min.


Weekly weather forecast for Arima Onsen
where Arima Grand Hotel is located.
The temperature is indicated
in degrees Celsius.