We collect and use personal information of guests properly and strictly comply with the concerning laws and regulations and endeavor to safely manage the information.

Purpose of use of personal information

We store the guest list appropriately according to the Ryokan Industry Law. Additionally, information provided for reservations, checking in and questionnaires are used only to provide the best possible service to guests and only to receive information regarding our products and services. Additionally, guests who wish not to receive any information will not be provided with information. At times, we may consign a 3rd party for sending direct mail services however; we properly manage the guest list for sending the information.

Regarding disclosure, corrections, and deletion of personal information

We do not disclose any information other than when requested by official institutions based on laws and regulations. If guests wish to disclose, correct or delete their information, we shall promptly comply only after confirmation of the identity of the person.

Use of Cookies

Although we may use "Cookies" for a some of our services on our website, the processing of access information is for the purpose of providing better services and does not violate your privacy or your user environment.
In any case, we do not disclose information that will identify any individual person.
*Cookie is a technology that allows a web server to identify your computer.

Regarding access logs

Our website records information on people who access the site in the form of an access log.
The access log records the IP address, web browser, OS type, access date and time, etc., however this is not used in relation to personal information.
There is no concern that the access log can be used to determine "Personal Information" of guests.