Large Public Bath 'Unkai'

Located on the top floor with
an area of 2,272m2,
the Great View Large Bath "Unkai"
has a magnificent view along with
various bath areas that
allow you to enjoy
Arima Onsen in a variety of ways.

9F Large Public Bath Unkai
Kinsen Roten Bath

This is a large bath with a high ceiling and large windows that provides a liberating feeling.
You can take a bath while watching the scenery of the mountains in every season through the large window.

Private Bath

The open-air bath overlooks the town of Arima Onsen and off in the distance is the view of the Tanba mountain ranges and in addition you can enjoy hot springs with different qualities like Kinsen and Ginsen.

Private Bath

After having a relaxing bath, take your time and relax in the "Kodachi no Yuagari Hall (After bath forest hall)" with the tea service and gentle feel of the floor embedded with railroad ties.

Unkai - Cloud Sea

From dawn to early morning when conditions are right in spring or autumn,
a fantastic Unkai (Cloud Sea) can be seen.

9F Large Public Bath Unkai

Men and Women Room are Separated

Business Hours 05:00 - 10:30, 11:30 - 00:30
Facilities Large Bath,
Kinsen Large Bath,
Kinsen Roten Bath,
Ginsen Roten Bath,
Sauna Bath,
Fall Bath [ Men’s Bath Only ]